Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Some Available Works (More on the way!!!)

So I am trying to plan a trip east with my good friend and could use a couple extra bucks. Anybody want some art??? All pieces shown are part of a series I did in 2006 for a group show in San Francisco. The images shown are all mixed media on 5.25 x 8.25 inch Moleskine pages. All works are currently unframed and as a result are only $40.00. Anyone interested in purchasing art can contact me directly at rhgannon1@gmail.com. Please include the number of the piece you are interested in purchasing in the email. Thanks for swinging by!


#02 Available


#04- Available

#05- Sold


#07- Available

#08- Sold

#09- Sold

#10- Sold

#11 Sold

#12- Sold



#15- Sold

#16- Sold


pw! said...

it's amazing to me how badly i want to meet each and every one of these drawings at a bar some night. and i mean spend some serious quality time with all of them. interesting doesn't even start a recap.

falcon said...

Ryan-san strikes again...love your work, brother man