Wednesday, August 6, 2008

In progress...

This is my most recent personal in progress piece. It is from an old sketch I rediscovered and decided to turn into a finished piece digitally. It is temporarily on hold for another project right now, but it will be the first thing I get back into when I am done with my current work. You should see this thing full size.


A month since the last post??? Sorry guys and gals, but I have been hard at work on some freelance, personal and commissioned work on top of my full time job. I recently did a series of 3 illustrations and 10 designs for the surf clothing company Ergophobia to be used on 3 shirts as part of their Artist Series. The release date for the shirts is not yet set, but here is a link to Ergophobia so you can see the sort of work they do.
And here is a a sneak peak at my work for them...

Personal logo and signature to be printed on inside of t-shirt and used as part of the tag design.