Saturday, June 21, 2008


Some samples from my most recent sketchbook...

Technology scares me a little bit.

Sketch for the digital painting, "The Seeker".

Sketch for The Academy of Art University's 3-D animation desktop image. This is the image (modified in the final) that the poor students had to see as soon as they turned on their computer...for a whole semester. The final included lots of delicious pustules taking over the mutant cyborg slug's surface. Juicy.

I did this drawing for a group of students at AAU who were doing a collaborative video game project. They needed a character that would fit into a western steam punk environment for a FPS they were creating. (FPS is short for first person shooter for all you non gamer folks out there). They were quite happy with the design.

Hadn't picked up my colored inks and brushes for a while. Decided to paint this happy floating dude. But where is he floating off to? I still haven't decided.

So I have gotten some comments on the above piece and most want to know if I wrote the story to go along with the image. I cannot take credit for it. Here's what happened...I was at a friends house in Oakland eating some home made fried chicken, sweet potato pie, playing video games, drinking beers etc. I broke out the sketchbook halfway through the day and cranked this drawing out. My friend's friend was there and was interested in the drawing and I handed it over to her and asked her to write a story for it. She happily jumped in and left me (us) the story you see above. I was pleasantly surprised. I hope you enjoy our little spontaneous colab.

I'm pretty sure he will be in a painting at some point...

Strange dreams of floating over the ocean in N.J.

More peace. Less bar codes.

Hope you enjoyed!

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pw! said...'re still's that going? seriously Ry, phenomenal. i especialy love the story about the woman asking the name, as that's always been my fear that California may be like that. in truth, everywhere can be like that at times. your work is amazing though, thanks for sharing